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Throughout time, architecture has been acknowledged as an art form that reflects ongoing generations. In modern society, it can be seen as building with creativity and innovation. Here are 7 innovative building designs that have been recognized this year.

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The Urban Forest
The Urban Forest is a skyscraper that follows no symmetric rules. Taller than the World Trade Center, it is a swirling office building that is 116 stories high located in Chongqing, China. It has captured the beauty of nature and demonstrates its collaboration with a green style of building.

Orestad College
Another environmentally appreciative building is the Orestad College in Denmark. It has taken advantage of complex learning spaces and incorporated that in which it inhabits no artificial borders. It serves as a natural and free learning environment.

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Wet room bathroom
The wet room bathroom invites the idea of a shower floor as the whole bathroom floor. By using high-quality stones like lava stone to create this fixture, the floor will be able to endure years of dampness.

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Bookcase staircase
This creative feature allows for buildings to be a colorful and welcoming area. Most popular in London, as a way to preserve old buildings, this staircase provides a concise way to have an immense library with little space.

Macquarie Bank
By integrating a transparent and open workspace, the Macquarie Bank has succeeded in making a more comfortable and productive environment for their employees. In this building style, every floor has been identified as neighborhoods in which they share spaces in their designated plazas. These spaces include the library, the garden, the tree-house, the playroom, and of course, the coffee house, adopting a more collaborative setting.

Pallotta Teamworks
Another innovative building technique Clive Wilkinson created was making his office space a financially solvent area. While in a budgeting crisis, he used shipping containers as offices and anchors to hold energy saving tenting and limited air conditioning to workspaces.


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The Royal Children’s Hospital
As a successful attempt to make a friendly environment for children, Royal Children’s Hospital based their architecture on inviting and distracting features that would take children’s minds off the fact that hospitals can be an anxious place. From playgrounds to aquariums, to a bean-bag theatre, this hospital has generously made the hospital a truly safe place for families to confide in.

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